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The Rush family in Byberry – ancestors of BENJAMIN RUSH

They arrive in late 1682 or 1683 - following dates and ages approximate.

The male line- JOHN(old trooper) is 60,older son WILLIAM is 31,younger son JOHN2 is about 22.

WILLIAM arrives with Aurelia, children Susanna, Elizabeth and son JAMES about 4.
Aurelia dies 1683. WILLIAM dies 5 years later in 1668 aged 36.

JOHN(old trooper) is now 65,wife Susanna 60, JOHN2 is about 27,

WILLIAM’s children Susanna 13,Elizabeth 11 and JAMES 9 now orphans.No record of him remarrying after Aurelia’s death 5 years earlier.

If JOHN(old trooper) and wife Susanna lived on the farm with WILLIAM and children as is probable, it is likely they looked after the children along with youngest daughter Jane 15.

Daughter Susanna and John Hart had their own 1000 acre farm and daughter Elizabeth and Richard Collett and children had a 500 acre farm.

JOHN2 married unknown (when?) had son JOHN3 (when?)

No reliable record of where JOHN2 was between arriving with the rest of the family, marrying and producing a son JOHN3.

JOHN2 dies about 1690 aged 30, Child JOHN3 age unknown. JAMES is about 11or 12.

Between JOHN2 arriving at about 22 and dying aged 30,son JOHN3 couldn’t be more than 8.

JOHN(old trooper) is now 67 and wife Susanna 62.They have both outlived all their sons – in England and Poquessing Creek. Daughters Elizabeth and Susanna have their own families and farms nearby.

Who is looking after JOHN3 – mother unknown? Were they both absorbed into the larger family on WILLIAM’s farm?

JOHN(old trooper) is Grandfather to JOHN3 and JAMES is uncle to JOHN3

JOHN(old trooper) dies in 1699 aged 76. Susanna (wife) dies 1707 aged about 80.

JAMES is about 20 JOHN 16 at most, 28 and 24 at most when Susanna dies.

Over time JOHN(old trooper) has related many stories, probably enhanced, of his time in England fighting for Cromwell, to his many grandchildren – he lived a long life!

It seems now, according to some genealogy sites that JOHN3 married Sarah Carver in 1707 in Abington, Montgomery and produced several children William, Mary, Joseph, Sarah and Benjamin in 1730.This can’t be THE BENJAMIN RUSH because the date is far too early. It is not known where this family lived. It looks like they may have lived in Philadelphia.

Meanwhile JAMES marries Rachel Peart about 1712.Their children are JOHN4 b.1712, Elizabeth, WILLIAM2, Anne, Rachel, JOSEPH, JAMES2, THOMAS, Aurelia.1725.

JOHN4 born in Poquessing Creek dies in Philadelphia in 1751 aged 38/9.

IN 1738 he marries Susannah (Hall) Harvey. Their children are JAMES3 1738/9, Rachel, Rebecca and BENJAMIN b. Dec.1745. At last the man himself BENJAMIN RUSH b.Jan.1746 adjusted calendar time. His ancestors are-
JOHN4- father, JAMES grandfather, WILLIAM great grandfather and JOHN(old trooper) great-great grandfather. Captain John (old trooper) Rush, his son William Rush and his grandson James Rush all born in the village of HORNTON, Oxfordshire, England

As Benjamin relates his father died when he himself was aged 6.The eldest son James died in1761 at the early age of 22/3 in Poquessing Creek. His mother then sent him to live with her relative to be educated and so the next part of Benjamin’s story begins.

He went to live with his maternal uncle Rev.Dr.Samuel Finlay, who was Head of Nottingham Academy, where he received his initial education. From there he went on to University in Pensylvania and then to Medical Training in Edinburgh and London U.K.
Wikipedia quote -
BENJAMIN RUSH - Eminent Physician, Writer, Educator, Humanitarian and a FOUNDING FATHER of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA as well as a signer of THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.

Google ‘ Benjamin Rush ‘ for lots more information.

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